You are gentle,
sensitive, and even
a bit shy. Never
shy away from love.
Antelope | Bear | Cat | Cheetah
Deer | Dog | Eagle | Hummingbird | Lion
Mouse | Owl | Seal | Shark| Tiger | Zebra


Deer hears every rustle in the forest, keenly alert to any danger. It is gentle, sensitive and has innocent wide eyes that may glance at you from a distance. They are easily spooked, because they have few defenses in the wild. Their home is the forest where trees and shrubs shelter them and where they can romp free and graze on shrubs, leaves and branches.

If deer is your animal friend, it is because your spirit is gentle and sincere. You would never think of upsetting or hurting anyone intentionally. Some of your friends may like you because you aren't pushy and because you follow their lead. But others just think you are a push over, and if you let them, they will try to control you.