Remember! You will
always glide through
life, supported by
Great Spirit's power.
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Deer | Dog | Eagle | Hummingbird | Lion
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The eagle is a majestic bird that soars freely in the skies above earth's most sacred land and wilderness areas. In North America there are two distinct species of eagles, the golden and the bald. The bald eagle with its white-feathered head has a wingspread of up to seven feet, while the Golden is uniform in color and smaller. Both have strong talons, which they use to grasp and capture prey. They hunt during the day for fish and small mammals.

North American Indians honored eagle as Kwiki and used its down feathers in a most sacred ceremony to bless the totem pole. Eagle was their protector, watchman and guide. Plains Indians used its sacred wing feathers to celebrate Great Spirit in ceremonies. They sent their prayers for peace and good harvest to Great Spirit on the wings of eagle. They realized that eagle was a messenger sent by Great Spirit to improve their culture.