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Animal-tribe Totem Pole

How many different animals can you stack on a totem pole?
Answer: As many as you carry.

Northwest Indians constructed and carved totem poles depicting the animals that were their kin. Several animal allies were stacked up, carved, and painted onto a long log, which was erected in the village to remind their tribe of the important connection that the animal spirits had to the generations of their family members. They told stories about these animals who lived amongst them.

You have at least three Animaltribe Safari animals that lend their power and wisdom to help you on your journey through life. They bring you closer to your heart and help you through the toughest lessons of your life. Although you might have other animals that come to you from time to time, like the ones that come into your dreams, these three are at your side to remind you of the fun journey you have taken with them on Animaltribe Safari.

You will want to honor your allies on a totem pole that you can construct following our easy steps. Your Animaltribe Totem Pole will remind you and everyone around you how important your animal allies are to you. Want to create your own Animaltribe Safari Totem Pole? Click Here to learn how! You can ask your parents to help you get started.

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